10 Tips for Fat Loss


10 Tips for Successful Fat Loss

  1. Cut out processed foods!
    1. Eat fresh or frozen vegetables and fruits
    2. Limit preservatives & artificial ingredients
    3. Limit fast foods
    4. Limit consuming boxed or packaged foods
  2. Consume healthy fats daily!
    1. You must get essential fatty acids through diet
    2. Wild salmon, nuts & nut butters, olive oil, avocado, etc.
    3. Body needs fat to absorb fat soluble vitamins
    4. Don’t forget to take fish oil (at least 1000mg or more)
  3. You bite it, you write it.
    1. Can help you determine where all the calories are coming from
    2. Record what and how much you ate
    3. Can document if you were really hungry, emotional eating (i.e.  stressed, unwinding from the day) – great awareness tool
    4. Helps to keep you focused on your goals
  4. Let the rainbow be your guide.
    1. Recommendation is 5-9 servings of vegetables and fruits (mostly veggies) a day
    2. Try and eat veggies and fruits with different colors to increase your antioxidants and nutrientsProtein with every meal.
  5. Eat your Protein
    1. Aim for at least 50% of your body weight of protein (i.e. 200 pound male would consume at least 100g of protein per day)
    2. Ways to incorporate protein (Eggs, chicken, turkey, protein shake, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese)
    3. More protein doesn’t mean more muscle
  6. Watch your portions!
    1. 3 oz chicken = 1 palm
    2. 1 cup veggies = 1 fist
    3. 1 tsp peanut butter = top joint of thumb
    4. 1 ounce pretzels = 2 cupped handfuls
    5. 1 oz cheese = 1 thumb
  7. Watch your liquid calories, especially alcohol!
    1. Studies show that consuming alcohol can slow your weight loss significantly!
    2. 4 oz wine = 85 calories
    3. 12 oz beer = 150 calories
    4. 8 oz 2% milk = 120 calories
    5. 8 oz 100% fruit juice = 140 calories
  8. Plan and prepare ahead.
    1. What are you going to eat this week?  For breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks?  Have a plan!
    2. Prepare ahead of time (i.e. wash & cut veggies over the weekend, cook chicken, portion and bag foods)
  9. Cut out unnecessary sugars!
    1. Limit or eliminate candy, cookies, pastries, etc.
    2. Watch for sugar added to energy bars, drinks, yogurts, etc.
    3. Avoid adding extra sugar to your foods
    1. Stick to the basics – lean protein, veggies and fruits!
    2. Watch sodium intake (to help prevent water retention)
    3. Drink water, lots and lots of water (at least half your body weight in ounces)




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