15/15 Workout

I am headed off to Providence tomorrow for the Performbetter summit. They have put together what looks to be one of the best conferences I have seen on paper. It is a virtual who’s who of top notch experts in the field of fitness, performance and rehabilitation. Couple that with a visit to Eric Cressey’s facility and a workout at Punch Gym and I am psyched!

I’ll fill you in on the details next week.

One of our signature workouts for this month at NPF is the 15/15 workout. It involves choosing two movements (push-pull) and performing one move for 15 seconds followed by 15 seconds of rest. Immediately perform the next movement for 15 seconds and repeat. This lasts for 10 minutes, which is 10 sets of each exercise. A good goal is 100 reps of each exercise. I really like this workout because it allows enough rest between exercises to really work hard (heavy), but the structure still gives you a great cardio response with the high volume. Below is a video of just one of many exercise combos you can choose for this workout.

Have a great weekend!



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