We’re thankful to have been in business since 1992, and we know KNOW it is because of you that we’ve been changing lives, for 26 years! Our loyal and dedicated members truly make our gym what it is. Congrats everyone!

1993 (25 year)
Hank Sardelli

2004 (14 year)
Joe Braley
Charlie Petry

2005 (13 year)
Bill Thieriot

2007 (11 year)
Vicki Wachowiak

2011 (7 year)
Lynn Carlson
Karen Trum

2013 (5 year)
John Delk
Susan Nickles
Robert Warren

2014 (4 year)
Karen Kirby

2016 (2 year)
Anna Hood
Helen Hwang
Yvette Smith

2017 (1 year)
Shelley Avant
Kathy Bahrameigan
Ryan Glassford
Andrew Grondin
Joann Jones
Linda Wallin