August 2017 Anniversaries

Since 1992, there’s something that has set us apart — our incredible clients. It’s because of our loyal and dedicated members that we’ve been in business, changing lives, for 25 years!

We’re so lucky to have the clients we do – from those who have been with us for one year, to those who have stayed with us for an astounding 24 years! This August,  we want to say “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!” to the following people for being with us, year after year!

  • 1993 (24 years): Hank Sardelli
  • 2004 (13 years): Joe Braley, Charlie Petry
  • 2005 (12 years): Bill Thieriot
  • 2007 (10 years): Vicki Wachowiak
  • 2009 (8 years): Joseph Boyer, Jeff Willis, Lori Willis
  • 2010 (7 years): Thomas Williams
  • 2011 (6 years): Lynn Carlson, Karen Trum
  • 2013 (4 years): Ed Caruso, John Delk, Madalyn Ford, Alan Lowe, Donna Lowe, Susan Nickles
  • 2014 (3 years): Surabhi Gholkar, Arpit Ghoting, Jill Allweiss, Alex Kirby, Karen Kirby, JB Kurish
  • 2015 (2 years): Cindy Lamir, Erin Nieto, Emma Pincheon
  • 2016 (1 year): Keri Cochran, Vida Bottom, Anna Hood, Helen Hwang, Nikki Martin, Brendan Nolte, Yvette Smith
Thank you all for trusting Alloy Personal Training. We do what we do because of you!


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