Bird Dog Plank

Get to It! Exercise 3

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Who wants an awesome looking core that is also incredibly strong?!?  If so, here is the exercise for you!  The Bird Dog Plank strengthens your core in two extremely important ways, ready for the trainer jargon?  Wait for it.  First, Anti Extension.  Ever do a push up where as you push your upper body off the ground you bend in the middle like a wet noodle?  Yep.  This exercise fixes that.  Second, is Anti Rotation.  Ever hit a golf club so weakly that your only hope is for the ball to make it to the end of the tee box?  Yep.  This exercise fixes this as well.  In addition, this is EXACTLY the type of exercise that will make your core look awesome!!  See below for the instructions and get to work!


  1. Get into the plank position, forearms and toes on the ground
  2. Engage your core, glutes and quads at the same time
  3. Extend both the left arm and lift right leg about 2-4 inches off the ground
  4. Keep hips stable and facing the ground
  5. Now, extend right arm and lift left leg. Continue alternating left, rightBIRD DOG_cues
Coaching cues:
  • Engage core
  • Contract glutes and quads
  • Extend Left arm, Lift Right leg 2-4 inches
  • Hips stable and facing ground
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