2015 has been quite a year for me and my family. For the past three years I have commuted on a monthly basis between Alpharetta and the Boston area serving as the Chief Financial Officer for a medical products company. The travel eventually became too much of a burden, and I made the decision to retire from the company in June, 2015. It was just too much for my aging body.  As I returned to Alpharetta, I resumed playing golf but struggled to regain my prior form and was coping with several physical issues including sarcoidosis, Parkinson’s and an aging back. In addition, my friends had organized a golf trip to northern Ireland and invited me to join the group of eight.  The trip covered 10 days with 8 rounds of golf, most of it walking with very challenging terrain and weather throughout the trip. There were a number of friends and colleagues that seriously doubted that I could manage the golf trip.  Fortunately, I got introduced to the North Point team in early July as the result of my wife (Paula) and daughter (Shannon) who have been part of the North Point family for almost six years. My first introduction was almost amusing – I think NPF had real doubts about my ability to get into the condition required for the golf trip. From my first introduction to North Point, I had just over two months to make the required commitment for conditioning.  Starting in early July, I was able to make the commitment for workouts at North Point three times per week, coupled with physical massages and additional walking and work on an elliptical machine to develop my stamina. I really have been able to significantly improve my physical condition and was able to join and “enjoy” the golf trip. My golf game has improved considerably and I’m feeling stronger and better each day.