December Anniversaries

What makes our gym different than all others? It’s our people – primarily, our incredible, dedicated members. It is because of you that Alloy has been in business, changing lives, since 1992.

This December, we want to say a loud and proud “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!” to the following people for being with us, year after year:

  • 2009 (7 years):

    Paula Ingalls, Ashley Ireland, Heather Perez, Shannon Webb

  • 2012 (4 years):

    Shelley Avant, Molly McCartney

  • 2013 (3 years): 

    Andrea Rice, Steven Schuster, Katie Dougherty, Diane Stephenson

  • 2014 (2 years):

    Lisa Eaton, Angie Hollingshead, LeAnn Kurey, Sam Maloy, Scott Marshall, Diane Slothouber

  • 2015 (1 year):

    Chad Caldwell, Tyler Cooper, Chris Couch, Michael Hatton, David Imhoff, Claire Millsaps, Miles Murphy, David Potts, Greg Saylor, Jen Speros, Hal Todd, Kelly Todd, Susan Yarbrough

Thank you all for trusting Alloy Personal Training. We do what we do because of you!


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