Exercises You Should Be Doing- Get-Ups

by Rick

If I had to name one exercise the gives you the most bang for your buck, it would have to be the Get-up.

Here is how it looks:

Benefits: This simple exercise builds strength, increases mobility and elevates your heart rate. Due to all of the different planes of motion, you will build stability and mobility in your hips and shoulders. Getting up may seem boring, but it is a skill that we all should work on from time to time. Have you seen an older, deconditioned person try to get up from the floor? It can get pretty ugly!

Execution: Traditionally a kettlebell exercise, you can also use a dumbbell. Because there are so many movements rolled into just one exercise, make sure to pause at each step. You want to “own” each phase of the get-up with perfect technique. One tip that may be overlooked in the video- always look at your hand/weight until you are in the half-kneeling position (on one knee).

Progressions/Regressions: Start with no weight. Take off your shoe, make a fist and place your shoe on top of your fist. Once you can do the full get-up while balancing your shoe, you are ready to try some weight. Another regression is to simply perform the get-up sit-up. In this version, you will only get up to your elbow/hand.

Especially good for: Everyone! There are so many benefits to this exercise that everyone should it include it in some capacity. Use it as a warm-up or a finisher.

One of favorite conditioning workouts:

Ascending/Descending- Get ups and Jump Rope. The Get ups descend (5, 4, 3..) and the Jump Rope ascends (100, 125, 150..) No resting!!



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