Exercises You Should Be Doing- Quad/Hip Flexor Stretch

Let’s face it, we all sit wayyy too much. I know there is no avoiding it in some cases, but we need to come up with a strategy to combat the problems caused by excessive sitting. Slumped shoulders, tight hip flexors and a craned neck are the most common postural issues that we see. Not only do these conditions make us look weak and unhealthy, they can wreak havoc on our back health.

posture 1

One of the challenges mentioned above is tight hip flexors. This condition can be particularly troublesome for your lower back. You see, shortness in this area can pull you into anterior pelvic tilt.

anterior pelvic tilt 1

This tilt will over stretch your hamstrings and really prohibit your glutes from firing correctly. If you glutes are not working properly, you will most likely not hinge well at the hips. Meaning that you will flex the spine when bending over, rather than keep the back flat as it should be. And we all know that we should keep our backs flat when we lift things!!!

Check out the following video of a great stretch for the hip flexor/quad area. This should reduce the likelihood hood of back problems and of you looking like a complete wuss. Well, maybe.



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