Fall Back to Fitness Contest Rules and Prizes

Our 13th Annual Fall Back to Fitness Challenge is BACK, October 2 through November 13!

Are you looking to maximize your fitness level before the holiday season? That’s why Fall Back to Fitness is here! We have two contests to join in on the fun – you can join one or both. If you join both contests, you will get $10 off!

Here are the two different contests you can participate in:

  1. Contest One – Based on Percentage of Total Body Weight Lost
  2. Contest Two – Personal Side Bet

Contest One Prizes:

  • 1st  Place – 3 Massage Package ($291 Value)
  • 2nd Place – Fleet Feet Gift Card ($150 Value)
  • 3rd Place – Gift Card ($50 Value)

Contest Two Prizes:

  • If client reaches goal, pot of money is split equally amongst winners.


$25 registration + $25 % body weight and/or $35 side bet
($10 off if you do both!)

Contest One Rules:

  • Weeks 1 through 5 – you may email or call in your weight if you are unable to come in to Alloy to weigh in.  Weeks 1 through 5 do not require Alloy to verify.
  • Final weigh-in must be done before Monday, November 13 at 7 pm.  You can do your final weigh-in any day prior to the 13th.  The final weigh-in MUST be verified by Alloy staff.

Contest Two Rules:

  • Client is required to meet with Matt or other coach to set fair & realistic bet for 6 week contest.
  • Client must check in with their coach weekly via app or email.
  • Final goal check-in must be done by Monday, November 13 by 7 pm.  This must be done in person with your coach or Matt, and can be done any day prior to the 13th.

Everyone should attend the Oct. 2 kickoff. We’ll do a seminar and split everyone into their coach teams – be there or be square!





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