Happy New Year!

It’s time to put those 2018 resolutions to work and start this year out with a bang! It’s the first weekend of 2018, so this workout is meant to push you. It’s a total-body circuit built to help you build strength and endurance. You can do this workout just about anywhere — all you need is a chin up bar or set of dumbbells. Don’t have the bar? No worries –  just replace the chin up with a dumbbell row!

Don’t forget to warm up before every workout!


Round 1

A. Chin up – 4 rounds, 6 reps (if replacing with dumbbell row, 6 reps each arm)

B. Single-Leg Squat – 4 rounds, 6 reps

C. Mountain Climbers – 4 rounds, 25 reps (each leg)

Round 2

A. Push Up – 4 rounds, 12 reps

B. Inchworm – 3-4 rounds, 12 reps

C. Touchdown Squats – 3-4 rounds, 25 reps


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