Approaching 76 wasn’t fun, but it sure beat the alternative. As someone who has been physically active all my life, I wasn’t happy with medical problems and resulting medications slowing me down on the tennis court, the pool and in general. It ended up with me working out less, losing conditioning I had worked hard to build up, gaining weight and then perpetuating that cycle. Workouts on machines had become boring over the last few years. My daughter encouraged me to try North Point Fitness (with a month trial) to see if I could build up strength and interest in gym workouts and if it would help in overall strength, conditioning, speed and weight reduction. I was skeptical.

Well, I’ve passed my goal of 25 pounds lost (4-5” waist reduction, 7-8 % less fat). I’m moving better on the tennis courts, back to hitting the ball harder, having faster swim practices, and swimming longer splits. I gained a few pounds the first two months (hopefully muscle mass), then got down to business and monitored food intake and macronutrients. At times, it wasn’t easy, but gym workouts (twice a week) combined well with swimming and tennis to facilitate these improvements. I was able to cut back on some meds also.

Oh, and I decided to set up another goal of more weight loss because it feels soooooo good. I doubt if I’ll break any records in the pool or challenge Roger Federer on the tennis court, but it’s awesome working out at North Point – sometimes with my daughter (like when she was a teenager) and my grandsons. Maybe someday with great grandchildren!!!