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What Makes Alloy the Best?


No one person is the same, nor is the journey toward a healthier, active lifestyle. So why should workouts be the same? Our trainers tailor the Alloy programs for all clients who walk through our doors — no matter their fitness level. From your first session with us, we work to help you reach your goals and become the best version of you!

Our Multi-Step Process Gets You Where You Want to Go

Start with our one-hour Starting Point session, focused on goals and strategy, that includes:

  • A functional movement screen
  • An accurate non-invasive body composition analysis
  • A sample workout

The result? A customized exercise prescription based on your goals and desired results.

No other fitness concept does this.
Others offer a “free workout” — where you just dive in without any consideration for you as an individual. Alloy, on the other hand, takes into account any past injuries, exercise history, and your individual goals. That’s why we say, “they do classes, we do personal training!”

Once you join Alloy, you can:

  • Start your regular workout sessions
  • Track your progress in our custom app
  • Schedule biweekly personal meetings to discuss basic nutrition coaching, goal-setting and strategy.

These personalized sessions are designed to keep you on track… so you can be on your way to reaching your goals: Looking good, Feeling Great and Living Life to the Fullest!


Scales and measuring tapes are old school. We use cutting edge technology to measure and ensure the safety and effectiveness of our programs.

This allows our trainers to customize a workout plan that changes with each visit to provide maximum variety.


Alloy technology tracks your workout frequency and intensity so that we can track your progress towards your goals.

Each Alloy membership includes specific accountability appointments to provide additional motivation and guidance.


We are in the business to change the life of everyone who steps on the gym floor. We don’t succeed if you aren’t meeting your goals.

Our certified trainers help you conquer your goals and help you continue to grow — and reach for new goals you never even imagined.

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