January 2018 Anniversaries

We all know that January is the month just about everyone sets a goal of  getting healthier. Whether it is eating better, trying to cut excess body fat or hitting the gym more often, New Year’s resolutions are easy to make… but harder to keep.

But here at Alloy, we have some incredibly dedicated clients who joined us in January, and have stuck with it, year after year. In fact, this month, we celebrate client anniversaries of 24, 23, 20, 19 and 17 years — now that is what we call sticking to your resolutions!


Help us say a loud and proud “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!” to the following people for being with us, year after year:

  • 1994 (24 years): Tracy Sardelli
  • 1995 (23 years): Sharon Morris
  • 1998 (20 years): Bonnie Harrison
  • 1999 (19 years): Paul Ingwersen
  • 2001 (17 years): Pat Price
  • 2006 (12 years): Peter Fredo
  • 2007 (11 years): Maureen Birmingham
  • 2008 (10 years): Rick Henderson
  • 2009 (9 years): Travis Wright
  •  2010 (8 years): Kari Hess 
  • 2011 (7 years): Ann Constant, Holly Payne
  • 2014 (4 years): Ashley Tillman
  • 2015 (3 years): Renee Dunn, Nina Hardee, Spencer Hardee, Kara Harrington, Alison Winter
  • 2017 (1 year): Carolyn Boone, Carol Brooks, Bruce Brooks, Erika Cooper


Thank you all for trusting Alloy Personal Training. We do what we do because of you!


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