Kate Thrower

Alloy Has My Back!


My journey started attending a different gym, doing the normal “leg day”, “arm day”, and cardio. One day I decided I wanted to try deadlifting. The exercise always appealed to me because it made me feel strong and empowered. The very first time I lifted, it was 90 pounds, and I destroyed my back. After trips to the doctor and many x-rays later, I did not think that I was going to be able to lift heavy again.

In December of 2015, my boyfriend, Ronnie Denmon, convinced me to do my initial evaluation. He would always come home and rave about the atmosphere, training programs, and the amazing people he worked with. So I decided one day to see not only his work place, but this amazing gym that is totally different than any other gym I had been to. I shortly realized that this was the gym for me.

After training for months and gaining confidence, I wanted to give deadlifting a second try. Working hard and getting stronger each day, I can now say that I can successfully deadlift 280+ pounds free of any back pain. It is a very powerful feeling that has grown within me, and I have Alloy Personal Training Center to thank for that. From all the knowledgeable trainers coaching me through all of the exercises and watching my form to make sure I do not hurt myself, to the friendly clients that are by your side to cheer you on, I would not be where I am today without them. Becoming a part of the Alloy family has empowered me to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

I look forward to what my fitness journey has in store for me as I continue to not only get stronger as one but stronger together.


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