Don’t you just love kettlebells? You know we do! KB’s are a great tool to work with and have many uses. When used correctly they transform simple exercises to really push your strength. KB’s have a very different approach than using barbells and dumbbells . They allow you to focus on the movement and building mobility rather than focusing on straight weight training. (but don’t get the wrong impression, KB’s still provide great muscle building!)

Try this fun circuit this weekend!

Perform one side of your body rest and then perform the other. Do not let the Kettlebell touch the ground till you have completed all of the reps on one side of your body.

3 Sets of 15 reps each.  KB = Kettlebell, SA = Single Arm – start on right side

  1. 2 Pt Row
  2. SA KB Clean
  3. SA KB Squat
  4. SA KB Overhead press