Kettlebells vs Donuts

I was speaking with Joe, our Director of Training, recently regarding fat loss and the nutritional challenges he often faces with clients. It seems that, while folks understand that nutrition is important to their fat loss goals, they aren’t always ready to tackle that aspect of the equation. This is really a big mistake. Fat loss is a simple mathematical equation. It involves energy in (nutrition) vs energy out (exercise). It doesn’t take much thought to understand that we can all out eat our energy expenditure without much effort.

The following video gives us a visual answer to the question, “Nutrition or Exercise- which has more effect on fat loss?”

In this study, the kettlebell snatch was shown to be one of the highest calorie burning activities (over 20 per minute).  Joe crushed the RKC, which involves 100 snatches with the 24kg bell in less than 5 minutes. Oh yeah- and Anthony had to “sacrifice” his body for the greater good.


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