Low Fat vs Low Carbs

I can’t think of a fitness related topic that elicits discussion like the ever popular low fat vs low carb diet debate. From the American Dietetic Association to professional bodybuilders, opinions differ as much as the individuals voicing them.

Without overstating the obvious, any nutritional plan that focuses on a reduction in excess calories and junk food will have positive benefits. The question is: Assuming that calorie consumption is equal, is a low fat or a low carb diet better for fat loss and overall health?

Jeff Volek, PhD, RD and Adam Campbell, Men’s Health editor, have addressed this very issue in their book,TNT Dietir?t=rimasbl 20&l=as2&o=1&a=1594866597 . Jeff is the foremost authority on low carbohydrate diets and their benefits and has done extensive studies at the University of Connecticut on the health benefits of low carb eating.

I read the book at the suggestion of an RD friend of mine and I have to admit, the research is compelling. I then passed the book on to our dietitian, Natalie Logan, and she was equally impressed with the research. Can a low carb, high fat diet really be the panacea of health? There is only one way to find out….

Natalie and I are conducting our own test study. We will implement the plan suggested by The TNT Diet for 4 weeks. Natalie has had a full physical and blood work done in preparation. We will be tracking everything from mood to body fat. I will be most interested in Natalie’s blood work at the end of the 4 weeks!

If you want more detail on The TNT Dietir?t=rimasbl 20&l=as2&o=1&a=1594866597, get your copy below.

We”ll keep you posted on the progress and results. If you have opinions or experience with low carb eating, please post your comments.

Rick Mayo


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