Fit at 50

Noel Sitzmann’s Success Story

As I was approaching my 40th birthday 10 years ago, I joined Alloy Personal Training. I had always been pretty good about getting myself to a gym, following a prescribed or ad-hoc workout, and seeing decent results. But, when I was faced with a huge change in my job responsibilities, I found it was easier and easier to blow off the gym for any number of reasons. So, at that point I decided I needed to invest in a personal trainer and started training at Alloy. The discipline of having a set commitment on my calendar where someone else was also counting on me to be there provided the accountability that I needed to show up consistently. Here I am 10 years later and still killing it!

Investing 10 years of your life in anything other than your job or your family is a pretty difficult thing to do. In the last decade I’ve see all that Alloy has to offer. Back then, it was 1/3 of its square footage, personal training was done one-on-one, and workout routines were – well – routine. Today the workouts are constantly being mixed-up, I stay engaged with the small group training sessions, and I feel as though each week brings something different. I am consistently amazed at how well they have been able to structure the workouts and avoid monotony. The effort put in by the Alloy staff is the only way that could be pulled off!

The end result? 10 years ago I got “in shape” thanks to Alloy and I haven’t looked back. The staff, the facilities, and the workout programs all keep me coming back three times per week.

I’m as fit and strong at 50 as I was at 40. See you at 60…!


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