We’re thankful to have been in business since 1992, and we know KNOW it is because of you that we’ve been changing lives, for 26 years! Our loyal and dedicated members truly make our gym what it is. Congrats everyone!

1992 (26 year)
Eleni Martine

2006 (12 year)
Shannon Davidson

2007 (11 year)
Bill Busbin

2010 (8 year)
Rachel Brandeis

2011 (7 year)
Lin Canino
Clyde Forrest
Todd Williams

2012 (6 year)
Kim Panther

2013 (5 year)
Sarah Belknap
Jack Bell
Susan Hardee

2014 (4 year)
Malinda Parker
Rachel Phelps

2015 (3 year)
Peter Dahm

2016 (2 year)
Joan Caskey
Nancy Eikenberry
Mandy Schulz

2017 (1 year)
Erica Caviness
Susan Cornwell
Susie Goldman
Mia Hannah
Michelle Hibbert
Margaret Riffel
Matt Wise
Holly York