Organically Speaking

Organic – free from chemical injections or additives, such as antibiotics or hormones.


When it comes to food and beverages these days, the word “organic” has blanketed the entire health and fitness industry. As the above definition states, organic food and drink is free of antibiotics, hormones and pesticides. So many people who want to stay away from these chemicals have gone to a diet consisting mostly or exclusively of organic items. Consuming foods in this state is seen to be as close to natural as it gets, which makes it highly sought after when trying to get and stay healthy.

The interesting thing about consuming organic foods is that it has somehow become “the Holy Grail” for so many. They figure that if they consume a diet of exclusively or mostly organic items, then they are bound to be more healthy and fit. The term organic simply points out the fact that the item is in its most natural state possible before you consume it. It doesn’t account for the amount of calories, fats or anything else that may be detrimental to your quest for creating the best you. Just because something is organic doesn’t mean it is good for you – I’md rather have you eat a non-organic apple over a bag of organic potato chips any day!


And that’s just it: so many people fail to realize that there are so many organic food items that are just as bad or even worse for you than those that are not organic. The word organic in and of itself does not make a good or beverage option healthy. You still need to investigate each item, organic or not, to make sure that what you are consuming is in line with your current diet and goals. I love the idea of consuming as many naturally grown products as possible, but it has to be done with some level of investigation.

Is organic food better for you than non-organic? That’s the word on the street. But, when it comes to making consistently healthy choices just remember that fruit and veggies are always a better option than potato chips or cookies – even if the chips and cookies are organic!

Anthony Wilkins is co-owner and operator of Alloy Personal Training for Women in Suwanee, GA.


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