We’re thankful to have been in business since 1992, and we know KNOW it is because of you that we’ve been changing lives, for 26 years! Our loyal and dedicated members truly make our gym what it is. Congrats everyone!

1998 (20 year)
Patti Rogers

2000 (18 year)
Jean Maggs

2009 (9 year)
Amy Goodson

2011 (7 year)
Joe Gaynor
Janet Weidmann

2012 (6 year)
Scott Sorrels

2013 (5 year)
Brad Dalton
John Goodhew

2014 (4 year)
Kellie Holbrook
Chase Holland
Tara Kornblum
Kathy Vega
Lisa Wayco

2015 (3 year)
Anna Blum
Denise Floyd
Cindy Pierson

2016 (2 year)
Marisa Berfield
Alison Cuppia
Andy Cuppia

2017 (1 year)
Albanie Campbell
Timothy Campbell
Clayton Denton
Christie Hernandez
Shelby Pincheon
Joselin Rios
Curt Wyatt
Jessica Zeitlen