Our members are seriously the best, we can’t say it enough! We want to wish a big “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!” to the following people for being with us year after year:

  • 1998 (18 year) Patti Rogers
  • 2000 (16 year) Jean Maggs
  • 2002 (14 year) Rose Cunningham
  • 2009 (7 year) Diane Geier, Amy Goodson
  • 2011 (5 year) Thomas England, Joe Gaynor, Janet Weidmann
  • 2012 (4 year) Mary Lyn Kurish, Scott Sorrels
  • 2013 (3 year) Brad Dalton, John Goodhew, Mindy Nelson, Patti Pease
  • 2014 (2 year) Kellie Holbrook, Chase Holland, Carol Kler, Tara Kornblum, Kathy Vega, Lisa Wayco
  • 2015 (1 year) Rhonda Agnew, Anna Blum, Denise Floyd, Karen Ford, Debbie Hollenbeck, Patrick Long, Melody Mitchell, Cindy Pierson

Thank you for trusting Alloy Personal Training Center with your health and fitness, you guys are truly family!