Squat to Cable Row

Combo Workout Exercise 3

(Each month we post a workout – one exercise per week for four weeks, culminating in the entire workout together)

The Squat to Row is a great FULL body exercise.  The horizontal rowing motion improves posture as it builds muscle and improves strength in the upper back, arms and core. The Squat increase strength and muscle tone in quads, glutes and hamstrings.  Interestingly though, combining the row and Squat together actually greatly improves Squat form due to counterbalancing effect of the rowing motion.


  1. Using either the Freemotion machine or Superbands, step back to create tension
  2. Place feet slightly wider than should width apart
  3. Shoulders should be down and back THROUGHOUT the exercise
  4. Squat down while keeping arms straight
  5. Row on the way up
Coaching cues
  • Shoulders down and back
  • Feet shoulder width apart
  • Arms straight
  • Arms should be straight at the bottom of squat
  • Row to lower abdomen on the way up
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