Success Story: From Hopeless to HOPE

Joni Aden’s Success Story

The dysfunctional eating habits I learned growing up in a family full of obesity, diabetes and emotional eating (sugar is my addiction) and depression were crippling. The negative voices in my head were consuming me. I didn’t know where to turn but I knew I had to make a lifestyle change.

I walked in to Alloy and said I was desperate and needed help. I was immediately given a personalized plan including strength training, nutritional guidelines and goals. I walked out the door and felt HOPE!

I was nervous to start; my body and lack of flexibility embarrassed me. However, from the first time I checked in, I was greeted by name and felt so welcome and at ease. There was no judgement – just encouragement and patience.

Strength and interval training motivate me. Goodbye “long” cardio sessions with no results. I’m getting stronger, burning more calories, gaining flexibility, reducing inflammation and am confident and empowered.

Using MyZone gives me a personal challenge each day. No guesswork as to “how much” I should work out. My Fitness Pal alleviates the stress of guessing if I am eating right. I log everything I eat and try to stay within the nutritional guidelines Alloy gave me. It gives me the freedom to make good choices and if I do make a less-favorable choice, I still log it, accept it and move forward. No more guilt, shame or giving up.

Accountability sessions are vital to measuring my progress and receiving feedback. While I am always haunted by the fear of not doing enough, my results are measurable and, therefore, indisputable. My scale may not always reflect why my clothes are fitting better, but overall numbers continue to improve and keep me encouraged.

The plan is sustainable. I can live within the boundaries and the structure Alloy has given me. I love the trainers; they are personal, professional, encouraging and really want to create and celebrate the best version of who I want to be.

Alloy gave me HOPE by believing in me when I couldn’t. Proverbs 13:12 says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.” Alloy is my tree of life and I am forever grateful.


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