Success Story- What Makes Matt So Special?

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You want to know what makes Matt so special? Absolutely nothing…and that’s everything. You see, Matt is a “regular guy”. He has a family, a career, a mortgage….a life. Stories like Matt’s are far more inspirational to me than a 24 year old who transforms his pecs while living in his parents basement and reaching Jedi status on World of Warcraft.

Once you get a little “longer in the tooth”, you start to really appreciate what kind of effort it takes to make lifestyle changes when your health can easily take a backseat to other worthy causes.

Matt is up at 5 am most mornings to get to NPF because he knows that other things take priority later in his day. Also, he works his butt off in his allotted time because he can’t afford to spend 2 hours wondering around the gym. Get in, get out.

How did Matt lose 25 lbs? A little thing called portion control. No insider secrets, specific diet plans or magic supplements. Just basic common sense changes to his daily eating habits.

Great job Matt!




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