The Birminghams

The BirminghamsAfter receiving a gift certificate to NPPT from their children, the Birmingham’s started working out with Joe and have been going strong ever since. The Birmingham’s goals were to condition, gain a sense of balance, and improve flexibility and weight control.

The Birmingham’s Workout Schedule & Nutrition:

  • Weight training at NPPT – 2 days a week
  • Walking almost daily
  • Consuming a diet rich in fish, steamed chicken, vegetables and fruit

Their biggest accomplishment has been handling increasingly rigorous strength training exercises.

The Birmingham’s Secret to Success:

One key factor in their success has been to continue to work out between their regular scheduled sessions at NPPT. Overall, “our program has increased our sense of well-being, has led to noticeable reduction in colds and other minor aches and pains, and has resulted in increased stamina. Our thanks to an outstanding training staff who encourage a continually more challenging range of exercises.”


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