Hey Weekend Warriors! In honor of the Atlanta Falcons, here is an awesome game day workout! We have two versions: 1. An above-board workout for our incredible Falcons’ fans; 2. A deflated version for … the other team. Falcons’ fans, take plenty of rest between sets, stay hydrated and enjoy this balanced, well-thought-out and effective workout – you’ve earned it! Patriots’ fans… uh, not so much.  All you need is a medium-sized Kettlebell or dumbbell and some room to run.

The Workout


1st Quarter

  • 28 Push ups
  • 28 Goblet Reverse Lunges  (14 each leg)
  • 28 Jump Squats
  • 28 Two point rows (14 each arm)
  • Run 25 yards
  • Return Kyle Shannahan’s Playbook that mysteriously went missing during media day
  • Start running


2nd Quarter

  • 21 Push ups
  • 21 Goblet Reverse Lunges  (each leg – don’t go too heavy!)
  • 21 Jump Squats
  • 21 Two point rows (each arm – don’t go too heavy!)
  • Run 50 yards
  • Explain again how the football got deflated?
  • Run more


3rd Quarter

  • 14 Push ups
  • 14 Goblet Reverse Lunges  (each leg)
  • 14 Jump Squats
  • 14 Two point rows (each arm)
  • Run 75 yards
  • Hand over Spygate tapes
  • Keep running


4th Quarter

  • 7 Push ups
  • 7 Goblet Reverse Lunges  (each leg)
  • 7 Jump Squats
  • 7 Two point rows (each arm)
  • Run 100 yards
  •  Remove “Deception” play from your playbook as it is illegal now
  • You may stop running now
*disclaimer – the Patriots workout is clearly meant in jest. Please do not run for the entirety of the Super Bowl – you’d miss a hell of a game! #RiseUp

Have a great weekend and GO FALCONS!



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