The Guadalajaran Diet

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For just two easy payments of $19.95 you will receive one serving of my secret formula within 4-6 weeks. Mix with 6 oz of untreated river water for maximum results.

Forget about the Adkins, South beach, Blood Type, Zone, Weight Watchers and Etc diets. I have discovered the hands down best, most effective weight loss plan to date. All it takes is one microscopic parasite and you are well on your way to a leaner, albeit not healthier you.

I picked up some type of bug 1 month ago. It started with a slight fever and nausea for a few days. What seemed like a typical 24 hour flu turned into 4 weeks of upset stomach, nausea, bloating and all of the other fun things that come with a bad stomach.

One of the side effects was obviously loss of appetite. Eating a banana made me feel like I had just eaten a 24 oz porter house. As a result, I lost 11 lbs in under 4 weeks! Amazingly, I have weighed the same for nearly 10 years regardless of the emphasis of my exercise program. I didn’t really want to lose any weight, but my little visitor didn’t leave me any choice.

As I have mentioned before (like a gazillion times), fat loss is really a simple mathematical equation. You must burn more calories than you take in. There is no magic to specific macro nutrient ratios. I consumed mostly bread and ginger ale for 4 weeks and still lost more body fat than I have in years. I did maintain my weight training throughout, but my overall conditioning obviously did suffer a bit.

While I certainly don’t advocate drinking orange juice from a Guadalajaran street vendor, my weight loss is a perfect example of the importance of calorie reduction for fat loss. Weight loss- Simple, but not easy.

How about some props for your coach? I will stop at nothing for our clients and their quest for greater fitness, including exposing myself to deadly parasites for experimental purposes. I’m that committed!

BTW, I feel 100% better and I am on my way back to my normal weight.

Meanwhile, this may be my opportunity to buy some of those skinny jeans to go with my Father’s Day gift- Duude.




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