Tools of the Trade

What’s old is new again in the fitness industry. All of the cutting edge research supports using simple “old school” lifts for gaining muscle and losing weight. One of our clients mentioned that a celebrity was demonstrating their workout on one of the morning shows recently and she was using a “kettle ball” (kettlebell). The celebrity trainer commented that this was the latest training tool and that every trainer should be using one. We have these “kettle balls” at our gym but they certainly aren’t new. If I’m not mistaken, the Russians have been using them for like 100 years. We also like to flip tires, hit things with sledge hammers, and throw med balls, work with Olympic rings and all manner of fun and crazy exercise. Are these exercises more beneficial than regular weight training movements? No. Are they more fun? Hell yes!

I have been as heavy as 265 lbs with a 62 jacket during my heavy lifting days and as light as 190 during my bicycle racing and triathlon days. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every phase of training that I have experienced and I especially enjoyed working with the tools of the trade. Whether it is a titanium skewer for my road bike or a bench press shirt for power lifting, I just love new equipment.

I can’t tell you how much fun it is to build and test different pieces of strength equipment. My latest project is called a slosh pipe. It is an 8 ft piece of 4 inch pvc piping filled 2/3 with water and weighing 42 lbs. It is an absolute monster on your core. Just standing and holding the slosh pipe can be an adventure much less walking, lunging, pressing and etc.

Who new you could have so much fun with plastic pipe? See video.

Until next time,

Rick Mayo


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