Upon Further Review: Do You Train as Hard as You Think?

We live in the south where football, especially college football, is a form of religion.  Our teams have played each other in another exciting season and many of the games came down to the wire.  There were numerous plays and questionable calls that decided the outcome of these games and many of them were confirmed or reversed by instant replay.

What if that same replay system was used to determine how hard you trained or if your form was as good as you thought it was?  Just imagine finishing what you thought was a tough set of pull-ups only to be told that ‘upon further review’ your set did not count because you didn’t get your chin over the bar.  Just imagine finishing an Afterburn class and you are dripping with sweat and trying to breath.  You hear over the speakers at the gym that ‘upon further review’ your level of intensity during the class was not as high as it should have been and you are NOT getting credit for your MEPs that day.

Now of course this does not happen in real life although I would be all over it if it were possible.  Even though this is still just a sick twisted dream in my head your effort at the gym IS being tracked!  But in reality YOU are the one doing the tracking.  We all know way before we get to the gym what level of intensity we are working with on any given day.  We also know when our trainer is not looking at a particular set and you can get away with a lackluster finish to a set.

Working out is such a personal thing that not everyone will be motivated in the same way.  It is music for some or competition/camaraderie for others but no matter what it is you are ultimately responsible for finding what drives you.  One thing to keep in mind about training is that most of our clients are in the gym only 90-135 minutes (2 or 3 45 minute sessions) per week.  This means that you have a limited amount of time to be at your best or close to it each week.

We understand that life happens but we as coaches are still going to try to get the very best out of you every time we see you.  And yes we do know that, ‘Some days you are the bug and some days you are the windshield’.


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