You’re eating what?

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Over the past few years I’ve really made it a point to eliminate (or reduce down) the processed foods that I buy…not saying that my kids don’t ever get any Goldfish or bread for sandwiches but I do try to reduce our intake at home. In looking at the processed food products that I will purchase, less is more in my book! If I can find some bread that was made with just a few ingredients (that my kids will eat), I’m sold!

Go down the cereal or cracker aisle of your grocery store and check out the ingredients on the nutrition label- can you pronounce all of them? Do you know what they are? Yes, modern day science is nice and it is great that some foods can last for infinity on the shelves, or is it? What are all these ingredients doing to our health?

What ever happened to veggies and fruits being a snack? I do have a picky eater and she could live on crackers all day so I’ve got to be creative in what snacks she will eat. Veggies with dip, trail mixes, dried fruit are a hit and give them so much nutrition without the artificial ingredients or preservatives.

I challenge you to go through your pantry/fridge and check out your food labels…if you can’t pronounce the words, more than likely it has been processed and nutritionally not as good for you. Next time you’re in the grocery store, try to stay on the outside of the aisles where the fresh stuff is kept –fruits, veggies and lean proteins, yum!



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