25 Years and Counting

Spotlight on: Eleni Martine

Client for: 25 years

This year, Alloy Personal Training Center celebrates 25 years in business. From Good Bodies, to North Point Training all the way to Alloy Personal Training Center, we’ve been in business for two reasons: Great training and amazing, loyal clients.

As Alloy’s longest-tenured client, Eleni has been with us since the very beginning. Even before “Alloy” was a twinkle in owner Rick Mayo’s eye, Eleni trained with him and has stayed along for the ride.

“While a lot has changed at Alloy over the last 25 years, one thing that hasn’t changed is the coaches push you to be the best you want to be,” Eleni said. “Not only do the coaches motivate and encourage you, but so do the other clients. After all this time, no matter what I have going on, I wake up every day and want to be at the gym.”


We offer several options of personal training to meet every goal and fitness level

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