The Blufton’s

bill sally bufton vs 2The Buftons’ goals were to lose weight, get in shape, and have a scheduled routine that made them accountable on a daily and weekly basis. They chose NPPT because they knew Andrea when she was working as an Athletic Trainer many years ago at a school where Bill was coaching. Sally started working out in the summer of 2006 with Andrea. The whole family (5 kids and Bill) would laugh at Sally after she would come home exhausted from her 30 minute workout. Bill started working out with Anthony in October of 2006 during the “Weight Loss Challenge.” He stopped laughing after his intro workout with Andrea and really stopped laughing after his first workout with Anthony. Bill stated that he gets more done in 30 minutes than he would get in three times the amount of time by himself.

The Buftons’ Workout Schedule & Nutrition

• Weight train at NPPT – 2-3 days a week
• Walk 3-4 miles on off days
• Eat 5 times a day (snacks between each meal)
• Carefully watch portion sizes
• Include lots of fresh fruit and vegetables

The Buftons’ biggest accomplishment is being able to fit into smaller clothes. Not only have they lost 50 pounds between the two of them in just a few months, they are losing inches and gaining muscle.

Secret to Success

“Being accountable to each other and our trainers. It is easier to eat the right things when both of you are doing it together. It has also helped to be on a regular exercise routine with our trainers. The workouts are tough, they vary each day, and it becomes more than just a working relationship between us and our personal trainers.” The one tip Bill would give is, “One meal does not make you fat and one day of exercise will not make you thin. It is a combination of both and making it part of your regular lifestyle that makes it successful.”


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