April 2018 Anniversaries

Our loyal and dedicated members make our gym what it is. It is because of you that Alloy has been in business, changing lives, for 26 years! This April,  we want to say a loud and proud “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!” to the following people for being with us, year after year:

  • 2006 (12 years): Joe O’Kelley, Bill Williamson
  • 2007 (11 years): Claudia Dobelstein, Ron Dobelstein, Myra McCowan
  • 2008 (10 years): Terry Godbold
  • 2010 (8 years): Kerry Higgins, Becky Williams
  • 2011 (7 years): Louise Clynes, Brad Goodson, Dave Schleuter, Candy Spessard, Cyndi Tackett
  • 2012 (6 years):William Booker, Darryl Hodson, Amy Woodward, Cindy Carlson
  • 2013 (5 years):  Jenny Pace, Alisa Polli
  • 2014 (4 years): Christine Baker, Natalie Taylor
  • 2015 (3 years): John Makarewicz, Kelly Mastronardi
  • 2016 (2 year): Jeff Brochstein, Frank Cochran, Nancy Cooke, Karin Green, Olga Nikolavsky, Stefanie Paul, Elaine Paulson, Sherry Peters, Kartik Ramakrishnan, Nikki Roberts, Alyssa Yount
  • 2017 (1 year): Sarah Corrigan, Karen Hirsch, Tate Jones
Thank you all for trusting Alloy Personal Training. We do what we do because of you!


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