Brad Hollingshead

We all transition through several inflection points in our lives.  Major transitions take place at the normal “big-event” milestones; marriage, children, college. There are, however, a number of equally important inflection points that may be more subtle.  A significant point for me was waking up in my early 50’s, morbidly obese (I weighed just over 300 lbs.) , with a bad back, no energy, and no motivation. I had to make a decision about my longevity, my health, and my well-being. I had to make changes that would ensure that at 50 the mid-point in life’s journey, not the 75% marker.

I started at North Point Fitness through one of their 30 day trials. Simply put, the experience has changed, and I would argue, saved my life.  One year later, I’m down over 50 lbs., have increased my lean muscle mass, have significantly more energy, and am well on my way to being the person I want to be. There are many nuances to the art of working out. Whether natural body weight, kettle bells, or lifting weights, having the right form and mix of exercises affects the results. There is also a “secret sauce” in the motivation, support and guidance from a team of highly knowledgeable and supportive trainers.

The team at North Point has been critical in my success; with their focused, caring, and supportive approach to my training plans and how they align to my personal goals. They hold me accountable, monitoring my progress, encourage me and guide me along my journey.  As important, the team at North Point Fitness also helps me with my eating habits.  I’ve learned the importance of picking the right “Fuel” for my body to achieve the results I strive for.

I cannot say enough about the team at North Point Fitness. You have saved my life and made me a better person. Thank you!


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