Cathy Burns

“You can’t out-exercise a bad diet!”

Well, I have entered into my second year with NPF and what a journey I have had so far! 30lbs overweight and a sugarholic, I decided to give NPF a try. After one month of small group training sessions, I signed up for the team group training yearly membership. I met all the wonderful trainers each helping me at different points throughout the year, ie: Matt putting together an independent workout for me or Natalie giving me tips on how to incorporate a healthier sweet treat with my “cups of tea”.  I am now in my second year and have not looked back… NPF has become as important to me as my first cup of coffee in the morning (without which I would not be able to string a I am now a regular at NPF going to class or doing independent exercise 5/6 times a week.  NPF manages to keep me engaged at the gym with the small competitions they hold and by me using the “my zone”belt which has helped me to keep my workouts constant and challenging.  One piece of advice Anthony gave was that “you cannot out-exercise a bad diet”. This really hit home for me and although, I am far from perfect, this is often at the forefront of my mind.  Thanks to NPF ………..I am finally feeling as though I am making headway to a healthier lifestyle, having dropped 25lbs. Of course, I still enjoy a good night out and still have that sugary tooth but with NPF right there at my side – I am staying the course!

Looking forward to many more years of partnership with NPF!


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