Charlie Petry

charlie petry s 2Charlie Petry needed a physical therapist after being diagnosed with arthritis in his three lower back vertebras. He chose North Point Personal Training’s Ken Whitlow, P.T., based on the recommendation of a former patient who had nothing but praise for Ken’s skills. “I worked with Ken for 8 weeks, and he did a great job stabilizing my back and core while introducing me to a beginning training program.”

After seeing positive results with his back & feeling better overall, Charlie wanted to continue the progress. He admits, “After years of starting workout programs on my own and then giving up within a few months, I am not one with enough self-discipline to do it on my own for a sustained period of time.” He credits NPPT’s trainers for giving him the structure, knowledge, motivation, and accountability that he needed to be successful long-term.

Since accomplishing his goals in only 4 months, Charlie continues to work out with Ken Whitlow one day a week & trainer, Anthony Wilkins, on another. His blood pressure is down, he is 30 lbs. lighter, and his waist size dropped from 40 to around 35 ½ inches. Who knew a back problem could have such a positive ending!

Charlie’s Workout Schedule & Nutrition

• Weight training at NPPT – 2 days a week
• Cardio – 30-40 minutes/3 days a week
• Eats 5 times a day:
> Breakfast – protein, carb, & fruit
> Mid-morning & mid-afternoon – some type of protein
(such as a Clif® bar)
> Lunch & dinner – protein, carb, & vegetable
• Carefully watches portion sizes when he has a dessert or cold beer after a meal

Charlie’s Secret to Success

“You have to do both the physical work and the dietary changes to accomplish goals. Discuss and lay out a program with your NPPT trainer and really try to follow their recommendations as best you can. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish and the changes that you can achieve in only a few short months!”


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