Check In, Do Good – Now on Instagram, Too!

If you’ve walked into Alloy Personal Training Center the past few months, you’ve likely seen something about Sweat Angels “Check In. Do Good.” But, what is this? By checking in on social media, you are DOING GOOD in the world. Each month, Alloy, in conjunction with Sweat Angels, donates to a different non-profit organization and each and every check in helps with that cause. In September, each check-in donated four bowls of food to an animal shelter; in October, every three check ins provides one woman access to a breast and ovarian cancer risk assessment.

Hopefully you’ve been checking in on Facebook for the past few months. Now, you can also check in on Instagram!

Here’s a “How-to” for anyone not familiar with Instagram.

  • Open the Instagram App


  • Click the camera icon in the bottom center to choose a photo you’ve already taken, or to take a new photo


  • Once you’ve chosen your photo, tap “Next”


  • Add any effects or filters you want, then tap Next.


  • On the “New Photo” page, you can add your location. Tap Add Location 


  • Find Alloy Personal Training Center in the suggestions or search for the location and select it


  • Once you’ve added your capton, tap Share


And that’s it! You’ve posted your photo with location, which is helping Alloy “do good” through Sweat Angels. Remember: each check in not only means you’re helping yourself at the gym, you’ve also helping someone else. So, each time you come to the gym – check in on Instagram or Facebook to help us continue this good work.



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