Chris Armistead

chris armistead 2Chris Armistead first came to North Point Personal Training in 1995 at the age of 15. He had struggled with weight most of his life and was ready to make changes. He lost 50 pounds over six months & kept it off throughout high school. Once in college, however, he let his workout routine slip & the extra weight returned. He tried dieting without success. He was carrying 260 pounds on a 5′ 11″ frame.

With the help of a doctor, Chris discovered that he was insulin resistant which meant that his body was producing more insulin than it could use. Sugar and carbohydrates were stored as fats. No matter how little he ate, he couldn’t lose weight until he cut out sugar and limited his carbohydrate intake.

For the next 3 years, Chris’ weight fluctuated between 210 and 235. After trying a low-carb, sugar-buster diet for several months, he said, “I did not know how to maintain a healthy diet once my ‘gimmick’ diet was over.”

In 2003, Chris returned to North Point Personal Training weighing 225 pounds. His goal was to build strength while reducing body fat. Within a few months, his weight was down to 195 pounds. “When I was maintaining my weight, going to NPPT was basically ‘damage control.’ I was allowing myself to eat whatever I wanted and exercising to counteract my poor diet.” Chris set higher goals for himself, and with the help of his trainer, Joe Rummell, he lost “the toughest twenty pounds” of his life and got down to 175!

“It’s not an overstatement to say that training at North Point Personal Training has changed my life. Joe has changed the way I think about food, health and exercise. There is no substitute for someone showing you the proper way to perform exercises and to keep you accountable on a weekly basis.”

Chris’ Workout & Nutrition Schedule

• 4 days of weights, splitting body parts into 4 groups
• Rarely eats refined sugar
• Stays away from high fat foods
• Views food as “performance fuel” for the body

Chris’ Secret to Success:

Outside of North Point Personal Training, “It’s all about applying what you’ve learned. I just invite everyone to not be satisfied with marginal progress and to keep pushing yourself. Once you surpass your own goals, you’ll be surprised at how motivated you become to never go back.”

“And one last piece of advice: Never, ever drink sodas. Ever”.


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