A compound set workout is meant to tax the same muscle group in each set, first with an explosive movement, followed by a strength movement with a (VERY) heavy weight.

The setup: You need at least two heavy dumbbells, a medicine ball, a suspension tool (like a TRX) and at least 1 heavy kettlebell.

The workout: Perform 4 rounds of each set. The second exercise in each set should be VERY HEAVY! Complete each set before moving onto the next.

Set 1
  1. Explosive Push up – 3
  2. Floor Press – 6 each side
Set 2
  1. Jump Squat – 3
  2. Goblet Squat – 6
Set 3
  1. Explosive Ball Slams – 3
  2. TRX Row – 6
Set 4
  1. Explosive Broad Jump – 3
  2. Deadlift – 6

If you’ve still got some juice left after this, grab two heavy kettlebells and Farmer’s Carry until you can’t walk any further!!!! (Or, three laps)

Have a great weekend!