Exercise of the Week- Elephant Walk

Elephant Walk

Benefits– one of the main functions of your core muscles is to resist extension (swaying your back). Just a basic push-up is challenging for many of our new clients in this respect. Once you can properly stabilize the basic push-up position, the elephant walk makes a nice progression. Having your hands above your forehead just a little dramatically increases the load on the core.

Execution– We like to perform this exercise like an inch worm. You can either move your arms exclusively while keeping your feet stationary or you can walk your feet in then walk your hands out (inch worm). Using your arms only creates a nice warm for the shoulder complex, if performed pre strength training. The most important aspect of this movement is too resist lumbar extension! Only walk your hands out to the point where you do not collapse in the lumbar spine. Hold the extended position for a 1 count and return to the start point. Keep your hips still as you “travel” from start to finish. Also, don’t forget about your cervical integrity (keep you head up).

Progressions– ROM and time. Simply walking your hands out a little more and holding for a longer duration will increase the intensity.

Especially good for– anyone looking for some variety or a progression from basic planks.




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