Exercises You Should Be Doing- Hamstring Curls with Hip Bridge

Benefits: Unlike regular old hamstring curls, typically done on a machine, this variation allows you to include hip extension. In other words, you will be including your glutes in the movement. This is how your body operates in “real life”. Plus, who doesn’t need a little extra butt work?!?


Execution: The key is to raise your hips off of the ground as you draw your legs inward. An elevation of 6 inches is great. Anthony is using the Power Wheel in this video, but you can also use the TRX or simple furniture sliders.


Progressions: Range of motion- as you get stronger, you will be able to raise your hips higher from the floor. Isometric hold- to increase the time under tension, hold the top position for a 1 count before extending your legs. Seems simple, but it will light up your backside!


Especially good for: Everyone! We use some variation of this movement in all of our programs. I have mentioned this before- we spend waayy too much time sitting (closed hips). Any extra attention we can give to hip extension is time well spent.


Final note– call your significant other into the room, drop to the floor and show off your impressive hip extensions. You never know what might happen!



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