Exercises you should be doing- Thrusters

Yes, I know the exercise I should be doing more often is called POST A DANG BLOG why don’t you! We are ramping up for a big 2010 at NPF so I have actually been doing tons of office work (ugh). Not nearly as much fun as working with clients, but a necessary evil.

Also, I am changing the “exercise of the week” to “exercises you should be doing”. That way my lame blogging butt can just post an interesting exercise randomly. Kinda like a surprise!

Exercises you should be doing: Thrusters

Benefits– this is an awesome combo movement and one of our favorites at NPF. It combines a squat with an overhead press. While you will need to use sub maximal loads for both movements, combining the two creates an excellent full body strengthening and conditioning tool.

Execution– Nikki is demonstrating the thrusters with a heavy med ball, but you can use a barbell, dumbbells or kettlebells and get the same benefit. Just like with regular squats, remain upright throughout the movement and be sure to sit back at the bottom of the squat (we sometimes use a bench or ball as a target). Also, be sure and get fully extended at the top. We normally have to coach this last point as fatigue sets in.

Progressions– Load and speed.Increasing the weight is obviously going to make it harder. You can also increase the speed of the movement by implementing timed sets. The Gym Boss is perfect for this purpose. Simply try to complete more reps in a set period of time.

Especially good for– anyone with time constraints. Combining movements can save you precious minutes, if you are in a pinch. This is a great metabolic movement, which makes it a perfect choice in a fat loss circuit.

Try it as a Tabata workout like Andrea does below. Let me know if you can match her with the 35 lb DB’s!




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