Are you ready for the “Get To It!” workout? For this DIY, full-body workout, you need a suspension tool and 1 medium-sized kettlebell. 

Here’s the format:

Perform 5 sets of 5 reps of the following two “power” movements, taking adequate so that you can focus on form while using a heavier weight

  • 1a- Single-Arm Suspension Pull-up
  • 1b- Single-Arm Kettlebell Thruster

Perform 3 sets of 10 reps of the following two exercises with minimal rest to increase heart rate and metabolic response (fancy word for burning a bunch of calories!)

  • 2a- Bird Dog Plank
  • 2b-Single-Arm Kettlebell Swing

Have fun and we will see you next week!




See full exercise description for each exercise below!

Single-Arm Suspension Pull-Up

Single-Arm Susupension Pull Up

Single-Arm Kettlebell Thruster

Speed Squat

Bird Dog Plank

Bird Dog Plank

Single-Arm Kettlebell Swing

Single-Arm Kettlebell Swing

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