Before we release the full list of Frequent Sweaters’ (FS) for the month of July, we want to especially recognize our 6 x 12 FS for their hard work and dedication in the gym! You guys ROCK!

The following people made the July 6×12 FS list:

  • Madalyn Ford
  • Nina Hardee
  • Jessica McFarland
  • Ramesh Mullaguru
  • Mike Peck
  • Andrea Schoeffler
  • Loretta Sexton

As we already released, the following people made the July 10×12 FS list:

  • Toni Helms
  • Tina Kercher
  • Eleni Martine
  • Joann Rodriguez

Congratulations and thank you for making Alloy Personal Training Center your gym home!