June Grindle

June GrindleI met Andrea (one of the owners of NPPT) at Footnotes Dance Studio, where our daughters take dance lessons, many years ago. When I asked her what she did to stay in shape, she told me about NPPT (then known as Good Bodies). I didn’t consider myself a candidate for personal training. Too athletic, intense, not my style – you name it, I had many reasons not to try the experience. Then last November I decided I was done carrying the extra weight I had gained and held on to since having my babies who were then 7 and 4.

I’ve lost weight before but usually gained it back. I knew I needed help to lose all the weight and keep it off this time. I decided to give personal training a try. The only place I considered going was NPPT because I felt out of my element walking into just any training facility. By knowing one person (Andrea), I felt a little more comfortable coming in the door. Well, I found out quickly that everyone was very welcoming at NPPT. I was assigned a trainer (Joe) and got started.

I was 149 lbs when I started and wanted to get down to 125. The sport I enjoy the most is tennis, and I like getting to the ball even when it’s played far away from me. It is a good way to get a point that the opponent is not anticipating. I had felt my weight kept me from getting to the ball as well as I liked. I also told Joe I wanted a waist!

When I first met with Joe last November, he kept asking me every time I saw him, “How is your nutrition?” I told him he could stop with that question until after Christmas! By January, 2007, I was ready to start making changes in my diet because even though my workouts were helping me feel h3er, I was not making any strides in my weight loss. I spoke with Joe and Laurie and received calorie and menu plans from Natalie. I asked them what they ate. I learned about almonds, almond butter, dark German wheat breads, and about making sure that carbs, proteins, and lean fats were part of every meal. I also learned that I needed to eat more often throughout the day. Breakfast has turned into my favorite meal of the day. Before, I may not have eaten in the morning. Now I enjoy Red Berry Special K with 1/2 cup fresh berries, toast, and egg whites cooked with tomatoes, chilies and cheese. Yum! I also try to keep carbs to a minimum in the evening, but I still enjoy my glass of wine!

June’s Workout Schedule & Nutrition:

  • Weight training at NPPT 2 times a week for 45 minutes
  • Tennis 2-3 times a week
  • Healthy carbs, protein, and fats with every meal
  • Eats often throughout the day
  • Keeps calories under control
  • Always consumes breakfast

My biggest accomplishment was the weight loss. I reached 124 lbs. during the NPPT Fall Back into Fitness Contest. The contest came at the perfect time. I had reached a plateau, and participating in the contest and having friends join me in workouts all helped me reach my goal. The added benefit to the weight loss is the muscle definition. With weight training I have a much better waist than before, and I find myself in size 4 jeans (even one size 2)! That is a first!

June’s Secret to Success:

The “secret” to my success is no secret really. It is continuity and mommy’s time out. Knowing I am meeting my trainer and the other women I work out with is an appointment I cannot allow myself to miss. As a mother of young children, I thrive on this little piece of “me” time and I always feel better after the workout than I did when I first arrived. Thanks to Andrea for getting me to come in and to Joe who has stayed with me through the struggle. To everyone at NPPT, I couldn’t have done this without your support!


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