Kettlebell Swing

Ascender/Descender Workout! Exercise 2

(Each month we post a workout – one exercise per week for four weeks, culminating in the entire workout together)

If you’re looking to really tone and shape your booty, this exercise is where it’s at! The Kettlebell (KB) swing is one of the best exercises to really work that booty, plus you’ll develop explosive leg power and gain globs of core strength – all while burning a TON of calories (oh, and drastically improve your anaerobic conditioning)!


The KB Swing is a forward and backward swinging motion, so you’ll need to “hip hinge” by pushing your hips back while keeping your back flat (this is really, really important!), and engaging your lats.  Once in this position, “hike” the KB, then swing the KB forward and backward by explosively using your hips. At the top position of the swing your hands should be parallel to the ground and end up somewhere between your belly button and chest, with your core, quads and glutes fully engaged – think plank position. During the swing, be sure to keep your arms and KB above the knee – think high and tight.

NOTE to self:  The KB is the resistance (obvious); your arms do minimal work while acting as a lever thereby increasing the resistance – your legs/hips/core do almost ALL OF THE WORK (not so obvious)!

Coaching cues:

KB swing w cues


  • Head follows body
  • Butt back, flat back
  • Engage lats
  • Hike the KB
  • KB swings are a forward/backward motion
  • Finish in “Plank Position”
  • Tight glutes, quads and core

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