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Alloy | Charlotte Blakeney, NC

We have been changing lives since 1992. We believe that we offer the most effective, safe and dynamic programs, but talk is cheap. Come meet our team, experience our amazing culture and let us prove it to you

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I have only had one workout so far but the staff is incredible and so are the people you work out with!! It’s a great environment and it may be small group training but they really help you out personally as well. They are looking out for your success in the future and really teach you!

Katie McClendon

I’ve never really been a regular gym-goer, but I needed to do something to incorporate exercise into my life. The team at Alloy made me feel comfortable and welcome right away! The workouts are challenging but not insane and they tailor them to meet individuals’ needs. I really enjoy my visits and I’ve made friends there that help me stay motivated and encouraged. Highly recommend!

Amy Yarrington

Wonderful experience! The trainers know when and how to push me to go harder (or, occasionally) to back off. Great culture. Feels like worrying out with some of your best friends.

Nate Waldron

I’ve been going to Alloy for a few months now and love it! Love the small group training format, the coaches and the people! Great strength training circuits, awesome app and the inbody scan provides very useful assessments of your progress, no matter what your goals are!

Devon Page

Best place to work out ever! Natalie is so knowledgeable and professional. As someone with previous back injuries, I’ve never hurt myself once like I did at my previous gym with no customization.

Karyn Hettenbach Gibbons

Alloy is simply the best personal training studio in town! The coaches are excellent, the workouts are tailored to my specific needs and the community is so supportive. Best of all, the results are great!

Suzanne Robb


Did you know that up to 73% of people who set fitness resolutions end up quitting before reaching their goals? Some people get too busy, others lose interest, but sometimes there’s a bigger roadblock—mental barriers.

Everyone deals with mental barriers once in a while, even athletes. It can result in a loss of motivation, confidence, and clarity. Instead of allowing it to get worse, let’s take a look at some of the tips and tricks to break down these barriers and get on the right path.


The core component of everyone’s nutrition who works out regularly is a steady intake of protein. Whether it be through protein-packed foods like chicken or nuts, quick and easily made protein shakes, or running over to your favorite restaurant to get a protein-packed meal in. But what are the benefits of eating protein?

Here are the top 6 benefits of eating protein after working out and why so many people do it.

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