March 2018 Frequent Sweaters!

Y’all, we HAVE to take a moment to recognize our incredible list of March Frequent Sweaters for their hard work and dedication in the gym this past month! In March,  92 of you made the commitment to come into the gym at least 10 days in the month, and we want to congratulate you for it. Keep up the great work in April!

We also have FIVE on the 6×10 list (6 MONTHS of 10 visits per month) and THREE on the 12×10 list (12 MONTHS of 10 visits per month). WOW!

March Frequent Sweaters:

  • Sean Ainsworth
    Christine Allen
    Shelley Avant
    Kathy Bahrameigan
    Cindy Bailey
    Marisa Berfield
    Anna Blum
    Scott Blum
    Joe Braley
    Rachel Brandeis
    Jeff Brochstein
    Marianne Carr
    Joan Caskey
    Nicolas Cassidy
    Carol Casteel
    Sri Chennakesavan
    Louise Clynes
    Frank Cochran
    Robin Cochran
    Debra Conner
    Cathy Costanzo
    Shannon Davidson
    Donna DuBois
    Renee Dunn
    Oliandra Ferreira
    Denise Floyd
    Leo Gahafer
    Ryan Glassford
    Amy Goodson
    Brad Goodson
    Nina Hardee
  • Susan Hardee
    Shannon Heotaky
    Trey Higgins
    Elise Hodson
    Kellie Holbrook
    Donna Houghton
    Curt Howard
    Paul Ingwersen
    Resa Kelley
    Tina Kercher
    Allison Kloster
    Priya Krishnamachary
    LeAnn Kurey
    Andrea Lewis
    John Makarewicz
    Jessica McFarland
    Bryan McFarland
    Kelly McLoughlin
    Stacy Mikes
    Lisa Montbellier
    Lynn Morgan
    Saroja Mullaguru
    Kevin Murphy
    Theresa Nevill
    Susan Nickles
    Erin Nieto
    Olga Nikolavsky
    Jenny Pace
    Kim Panther
    Malinda Parker
    Elaine Paulson
  • Stratton Paulson
    Holly Payne
    Shelby Peck
    Greg Pelkey
    Charlie Petry
    Cindy Pierson
    Alisa Polli
    Nikki Roberts
    Joann Rodriguez
    Marcus Rutsche
    David Samuel
    Hank Sardelli
    Diane Satenstein
    Dave Schlueter
    Mandy Schulz
    Lee Siegel
    Noel Sitzmann
    Natalie Taylor
    Richard Terry
    Ashley Tillman
    Frank Tomberlin
    Jeff Traub
    Jacque VanHyfte
    Kathy Vega
    Kim Vignale
    Becky Williams
    Allie Wilson
    Nancy Wilson
    Steve Winter
    Matt Wise

6×10 Frequent Sweaters
  • Christine Allen
  • Nic Cassidy
12×10 Frequent Sweaters
  • Frank Cochran
  • Donna DuBois
  • Dave Schleuter

Thank you for your dedication and commitment, and for making Alloy Personal Training your fitness home!


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